Online Handledarkurs English - My Driving Academy - the supervisor course online!

Online Handledarkurs in English

Do the handledarkurs from the comfort of your own home!

We’re now hosting an online handledarkurs in English until end September 2021 for those who cannot make our physical classes during the pandemic.

Digital courses will stop after September, 2021! Book yours now!

What is a handledarkurs?

If you want to practice driving at home before going for your Swedish driving license, both you and your selected supervisor (mum, friend, partner, etc) must attend a Handledarkurs (or ‘supervisor course’) either physically or online.

This course is compulsory if you plan on driving privately – you don’t need to take it if you are only driving with a school.

NOTE: The Swedish Transport Agency has determined that all handledarkurs will go back to physical, in-person courses after September, 2021. You can book your intro/handledarkurs in English with us in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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digital handledarkurs my driving academy

How does the online handledarkurs work?

Using the platform, Zoom, we have transferred all the key aspects of our physical handledarkurs to the digital classroom. This means you can now do your handledarkurs from anywhere in Sweden!

The cost of the online handledarkurs English is 599SEK. The course runs for around 3 hours.


Important information

You will need to be part of discussions and group presentations during the online handledarkurs. In order to successfully participate, you must ensure you have the following:

  • a computer with a working webcam
  • headphones and a working microphone
  • a good internet connection
  • your valid ID card
  • a quiet location where you can listen and discuss effectively during the whole course (3 hours).


To book the online handledarkurs English

  1. Simply select any location on our booking widget (website or in our app Mitt Körkort)
  2. Select the service ‘Digital Handledarkurs in English’

A couple of days before the course, we will email you invitation details so you can access the online handledarkurs.

Online Handledarkurs English



Help! I can not log in!

Try the following:

  • Double check the link and password you received from us before the course.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom. If you are using a tablet, ensure that your device’s software is also up to date.
  • Check that you have a good internet connection
  • Restart the computer and try again

If you are missing from the course, someone from our support will contact you visa the phone number you provided when booking. This usually happens 5 mins before the course starts.


Will I get my money back if I cannot attend the course?

Our usual 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy applies to this course. If the course falls on a Monday, you should advise us of cancelling/rescheduling by kl 13.00 on the Friday beforehand.

If you experience technical problems, it is up to the course leader/support to assess whether this is grounds for rebooking your course without a fee.
If you are missing from the course, we will attempt to contact you via the phone number you provided when booking. This usually happens 5 minutes before the course starts.


My webcam, headphones or microphone are not working!

You are responsible for having the correct equipment and a good internet connection before and during your digital course. You are also responsible for ensure you are in a suitable location where you can both listen and participate in discussions during the course. We recommend you familiarise yourself with Zoom prior to the online handledarkurs English.


I missed a portion of the course due to a technical issue on my end. What do I do?

You may need to supplement your training time with the course leader for the time you lost.

Make a note of the time you lost the connection and what the group was discussing at that point. If you connection resumes, make a note of the time you returned. Write to our support team in the chat via our website or in our app Mitt Körkort, and they will get in touch with a solution tailored for you as soon as they can. Some fees may apply.


Can my supervisor and I do the course on the same computer or do we have to have our own devices?

If more than one of your are doing the course and you are together, you may use the same device. However, all attendees must be visible in the screen and be heard well in the one microphone.

Any technical issues will affect both participants, so we recommend having your own devices and connection where possible.

image of students at a course