Körkortstillstånd - Driving permit - how to start driving in Sweden

Your körkortstillstånd!

aka… your driving permit

Before you learn to drive a car (either at home or with a driving school) you are legally required to have a körkortstillstånd issued by Transportstyrelsen!

To get your körkortstillstånd, complete these two simple steps:

1. Complete a health declaration from Transportstyrelsen


Can be done online and in a couple of minutes! Simply click the button below. If you need an English translation of the questions, click here.

2. Get your eyes checked at an Optician

An eye-check (“synundersökning för körkort”) takes about 20 minutes and needs to be sent to Transportstyrelsen.

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Smarteyes will also send your eye check directly to Transportsyrelsen digitally, giving you the fastest turnaround time.


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To redeem 50% off your synundersökning för körkort at Smarteyes you will need an existing booking with My Driving Academy – either an upcoming driving lesson or course. Simply show your booking confirmation email to the Smarteyes staff in store.

NOTE! You should allow about a week between your synundersökning and your driving lesson, in order for Transportstyrelsen to process your körkortstillstånd.

Any questions? Need a hand?

Give our support a call on 010 – 20 70 775 or talk to us via our chat to the right of the screen! 👉

Why do I need a körkortstillstånd?

A driving permit (‘körkortstillstånd’) is issued by Transportstyrelsen and gives you clearance to practice driving and take your driving exam. If you want to get a driver’s license, or a new/additional license, you must always have a valid körkortstillstånd. This applies for motorcycle, moped, car, bus and truck licenses.

One of the purposes of the körkortstillstånd is to assess whether you are fit to drive. You will need to meet the medical requirements of Transportstyrelsen and allow them to perform a background check. Transportstyrelsen will check your criminal record, paying special attention to incidents related to sobriety, including drug offences and certain traffic offences. Some serious incidents can result in Transportstyrelsen rejecting your application to drive.

Some medical conditions can make it difficult to drive or provide a risk to others. Some medical conditions require Transportstyrelsen to carry out an investigation in order to assess how you will manage traffic situations. This can apply to medical conditions like Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, ADD or DAMP. If you have one of these diagnoses, you should supply a medical certificate along with your application. Mostly, these diagnoses do not stop a person from obtaining a körkortstillstånd.


Eye check

You can get your eyes checked at most opticians. The eye check takes about 10 minutes and costs around 150-200 SEK. Your basic vision is checked, as well as your field of vision. To get cleared to drive a car, moped or motorcycle you should have at least 0.5 visual acuity when measuring your eyesight with both eyes together, with or without vision aids.

After the check, you will receive a sight certificate from your optician, which must be submitted to Transportstyrelsen. Some opticians, like Smarteyes, can digitally upload your certificate to Transportstyrelsen, saving you time!

If your vision check identifies visual issues, Transportstyrelsen will require you to wear glasses or lenses whenever you are driving. It is important that you bring your lenses or glasses with you during all driving lessons and for the driver’s test.

NOTE! You will not be allowed to take your driving lesson or driving exam without vision aids, if they have been stated on your körkortstillstånd as a requirement!

More about the application:

The application only takes a few minutes and consists of:

  • Your personal number
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Health declaration consisting of 16 yes/no questions

Submitting your application form for a körkortstillstånd does not cost anything.

Once you submit your application, it will take some time for you to get your körkortstillstånd. Normally, it can take 5-14 days to get your körkortstillstånd, however if your application requires further investigation it can take longer. Because of this, we suggest you apply for your körkortstillstånd as soon as you have started considering going for your license. A körkortstillstånd is valid for 5 years! You must be 16 years old  before you can apply.

If you need help, just contact us and we will help you with the application 🙂

What happens next?

Once you have successfully received your körkortstillstånd, you are free to start practicing driving, both with us or at home with your elected supervisor (“handledare”).

NOTE! Remember that you and your elected supervisor (“handledare”) must attend ‘handledare/intro’ training BEFORE training at home.

You can take this course with us (English courses offered in Stockholm!)

If you can practice driving privately, you can improve your skills and save a lot of time and money. However, we also recommend that you take some driving lessons at a professional traffic school (like us!) early on in your training, so you and your supervisor do not practice incorrect behaviour on the roads. It takes more time to un-learn bad habits than to create new ones!!

Our app – Mitt Körkort – is a great driving buddy. We have collected and described all the driving manoeuvres that you need to know for your exams. This is the perfect tool for you and your handledare to use throughout your private driving training. It’s free to download!