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Learn in Gothenburg!

We offer a complete driver’s education in Gothenburg, so you can get your license as fast as possible!

We have four locations in Gothenburg: Högsbo, Mölndal, Opaltorget and Frölunda Torg!

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Start with a testlesson
80 min for just 799kr

Our driving lessons are 80 mins long. This means:

  • more time to practice your skills
  • more time to discuss with your instructor
  • fewer lessons needed!

A testlesson is a discounted driving lesson to start you off – it’s the best way to begin your driving education!

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Our Gothenburg driving school locations

All the theory practice you need directly in your phone! And it’s totally free!

If you want your driver’s license, you must master your theory!

Thankfully, we’ve created 1000 theoretical questions, mini-quizzes and videos, quality assured by our instructors. These are free to use in the app ‘Mitt Körkort’ – it might be the most convenient way to study.

The best part? It’s FREE!

Prices – Gothenburg driving schools


799kr /80 min
  • Your first 80 min driving lesson
  • Plan your driving education with your instructor

Driving lessons (80 min)

1299kr /lesson
  • 5 lessons  –6 399 kr (save 100kr)
  • 10 lessons – 12 399 kr (save 550kr)
  • 15 lessons – 18 199 kr (save 1 250kr)
  • 20 lessons – 23 499 kr (save 2 450kr)


1299kr /lesson
  • A simulated driving exam
  • The best preparation for your exam!

Risk 1 in English - small group

790kr /person
  • Max 7 students per class. Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Mandatory course for all drivers

Risk 2

2150kr /person
  • Compulsory for all drivers
  • Hosted at Stora Holm

Digital Intro-/Handledarkurs English

599kr /person
  • Both supervisor and student need to complete the course
  • Currently hosted online using Zoom

Want to get your motorcycle license?

Want to make that dream of riding Swedish country roads on your motorbike a reality!? We offer a full education for MC-license at Opaltorget, Gothenburg.

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It’s so easy to get started!
First lesson only 799kr! 

Start with a testlesson with a professional instructor to see where you are at.

English speaking teachers available!

Want to learn

Buy a package of driving lessons to save cash!

Unused lessons are refunded (minus a small Klarna fee) after you get your license!

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Your whole driving education in the palm of your hand

Download our app ‘Mitt Körkort‘ (iOS or Android) to book your lessons and courses, study theory and for guidance when you’re driving at home!!

It’s completely free!