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An automatic driver’s license

As more new cars (especially electric cars) include an automatic transmission, the automatic driver’s license has increased in popularity! The good thing about an automatic driver’s license is that there is no need to spend time on the gearbox, instead focusing on driving manoeuvres and traffic in different conditions. This does mean, however, that your license will only allow you to drive automatic cars, not manual.

Benefits of an automatic driver’s license

Manually changing gears is another thing you need to think whilst driving – and many people find this too overwhelming. In an automatic car, the car changes gears itself, so there’s only two pedals to keep track of: the accelerator and the brake. This is particularly helpful when driving in the city where you often need to start and stop.

Another advantage of getting an automatic driving license is that the whole process is usually faster and cheaper!
One of the most time-consuming elements to learn in a car is the gearbox. Skipping this module cuts down the time it takes to learn the mechanics of the car, and allows you to focus on learning traffic rules, road signs and how to behave in traffic. It will save you time and money in driving practice!

The number of automatic cars is steadily increasing! Electric cars are becoming more popular, which is another benefit to having an automatic license – electric cars naturally exist with no gearbox! In Sweden, most new cars sold are automatic and you can always select automatic cars when hiring a vehicle.


Going from automatic to manual

What if I change in the middle of my driving license journey? If I no longer want to take an automatic driver’s license and want to change to manual, can I?
Yes of course you can change! You do not have to redo everything because you have changed your mind. Even if you have almost reached the end of your driving training and wish to change to a manual, there are no problems with this.
The only thing you will need to learn is the gearbox and changing gears. In fact, you will probably have benefitted from having your focus more on safe driving than the gearbox so far.

If you have already got your automatic driver’s license, the only thing you need to do again is the driving exam – as your theoretical exam and Risk courses remain valid.

Different prices for an automatic driver’s license??

There is no difference in lesson price when it comes to driving a manual or automatic car at My Driving Academy. The difference is in the amount of lessons you may need to properly learn the gearbox of a manual car. Typically, fewer lessons are required to learn the mechanics of an automatic car, so the total price of getting an automatic license can be lower. To get a good idea of how many lesson you may need to master driving an automatic car, book a testlesson with one of our experienced driving instructors. Testlessons are an assessment on your driving skills and your teacher will be able to make a plan to get your license, based on your skills, experience and desired deadline. Together you can create a schedule and plan to get your license when you want to. 


Consider the pros and cons of an automatic driving license!


  • Easier to drive – focus more on traffic and the environment around your vehicle, instead of the clutch and gearbox
  • Cheaper – avoiding the clutch and gearbox means you can reduce the number of lessons needed to learn how to operate a car and lower the cost of getting your license
  • Common – more and more cars are being made with automatic transmission


  • You can only drive automatic cars – your license does not allow you to drive manual vehicles
  • You can miss out on job opportunities that require a manual license
  • It can be harder to borrow cars from friends or family if they don’t have an automatic car.