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Financial assistance for getting your license

Getting your driver’s license in Sweden can be quite expensive, particularly if you have just moved and are looking for a job.
Thankfully, there are some financial assistance options available that can help with the costs of getting your driver’s license.

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Driving license loan through CSN

The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) is the government agency that manages Swedish student financing, i.e. grants and loans for those who are studying.

The CSN driving license loan (CSN körkortslån) is aimed at those who are unemployed and fulfil a set of requirements, in order to support them getting their car or light lorry license (B-körkort).

You can borrow up to 15,000 SEK through the driving license loan. You are required to pay this money back later on, whether you successfully get your license or not.

All My Driving Academy schools are registered with CSN. 

How can I apply for a CSN driver’s license loan?

  1. Visit CSN via to apply for your loan and await a decision. 
  2. When your loan has been approved, register an account in our app “Mitt Körkort“.
  3. Contact our support via chat or by phone. Let them know you have been approved for a CSN loan and they will assist you further.
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Some companies are able to cover the costs of their employees getting their license! Ask your employer if this is something they are willing to do for you.

If this is possible, simply fill out this form so our support staff can start the ball rolling for you.

Student discount?

We are proud to work together with Mecenat to offer student members a discount on a driving lessons package at any of our schools around Sweden.

Simply log into your Mecenat account and find My Driving Academy to get your discount code!

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