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Theory for Swedish driver’s license

Everything you need, without books!

Driving theory books are expensive – and they’re only useful until you get your license!

At My Driving Academy you can utilise a few services to become a driver’s license theory master – and do it all online!

My Driving Academy teori

Our app ‘Mitt Körkort’ – your driving theory friend!

Our app, ‘Mitt Körkort’ has been created by us and contains material that has been specially designed by professional driving instructors.

Besides being able to book your lessons and courses in the app, Mitt Körkort contains a 2-part theory package: ‘Theory’ and ‘Study’.

Unlock your theory package for 1 800 SEK!

No rolling subscriptions! One payment of 1800SEK gives you unlimited use to all theory.

Please be aware that the ‘Study’ section of the theory package is currently only available in Swedish!

Mitt Körkort ‘Theory’ section

Drill 1000 theory questions in English

This section of Mitt Körkort contains educational videos and quizzes all in English.

Most importantly, it also contains over 1000 theory questions, designed and organised to mimic your real theory exam at Trafikverket – complete with a time limit!

Our algorithm serves you questions covering all areas of knowledge and when you have successfully answered a question a few times, you have ‘mastered’ it.

When you have ‘mastered’ 900 questions, you have a 90% chance of passing your theory exam first try!

Teoripaket plugga Mitt Körkort my driving academy

Mitt Körkort ‘Study’ section

The ‘Study’ portal gives you access to a full range of driving knowledge, split up into fun and interactive chapters.

Enjoy learning through quizzes, games and exercises anywhere, anytime.

Currently only available in Swedish!

Hanna Dovsten lärare My Driving Academy Eskilstuna

Extra! Private theory lessons with a professional instructor!

If you prefer to learn with the help of a private tutor, we can easily solve this for you!

Our traffic instructors offer digital private theory lessons (in English) across Sweden!

For your own digital private theory lesson – click below!

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