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The Risk 1 course

How it works

Risk 1 (or ‘Riskettan’) is the first part of a mandatory, two-part Risk Education that all drivers must complete by Swedish Law. Risk 1 is the theoretical component.

Risk 1 is 3 hours long and is conducted in a group of max 16 participants.

We run Risk 1 in English at My Driving Academy in many cities around Sweden.


Where we run Risk 1 in English

Our Risk 1 in English courses are held in the following cities – click on a city to visit it’s page:

Risk 1 in English Stockholm
Risk 1 in English Gävle
Risk 1 in English Gothenburg
Risk 1 in English Uppsala
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What is the Risk 1 course?

As the name suggests, Risk 1 covers risks in traffic, in particular the risks stemming from your own actions as a driver.

Both Risk components exist as part of the Government incentive ‘Zero Vision’. Zero Vision was launched in 1997 and aims to eliminate traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries. The project puts a lot of pressure on traffic infrastructure, traffic laws and, above all, individual drivers.

Risk 1 is the theoretical component of the education and is compulsory for all drivers. The course covers the risks of alcohol, drugs, fatigue and other scenarios that can impair your driving skills.


Risk 1 for motorcycle license!

Motorcycle drivers must also complete a Risk Education in order to get their license. This course is separate to the Car Risk Education. This means that you will have to take the Motorcycle Risk Education even if you have previously completed the Car Risk Education. The risk of accidents for motorcycle drivers is considerably higher than those driving a car and, therefore, the education is different to reflect that.


What happens in a Risk 1 course?

We work closely with leading conference facility providers in each city, which means that the course is always held in fantastic and modern venues, usually in the heart of the city. We cater our courses so tea, coffee, water, snacks and a sandwhich is provided (we cater for most food intolerances, too!)

Price, time and location for the courses vary between cities, so check out our booking page or our app ‘Mitt Körkort’ to find a course that suits your needs!

You will take the Risk 1 course together with up to 15 students.

The training is required to take at least 180 minutes (3 hours), plus breaks and discussions. Allow 3.5 – 4 hours in total.

What should you know after Risk 1?

After Risk 1, you should feel educated in how alcohol, drugs and fatigue affect your body and driving ability. You should realise the potential consequences if you’re driving affected, as well as how to best minimise these risks. You will also learn about:

  • different laws and regulations
  • which demographic groups tend to take more risks than others
  • how stress, talking on a phone or distracting passengers can affect your driving skills.


Are there any requirements to do Risk 1?

No prior knowledge is needed to pass the course. You also do not need a driving permit (you do in order to drive a car, though!)

You can book your Risk 1 whenever you like, however we recommend that you have a few driving lessons under your belt in order to better understand the scenarios in the course.

Our lecturers aim to make the course inspiring and educational, however it is also required that participants take the information they receive and use it in engaging discussions during the course to get the most out of it as possible!

To pass the Risk 1 course, you must be present and active throughout the course. You must also take part in discussions prompted by the lecturer.

What happens after Risk 1?

We will report your attendance to the Transport Agency. From this time, the Risk 1 component is valid for 5 years, meaning you have up to 5 years to get your license. In order to pass the Risk Education totally, you have also complete your Risk 2 (practical).

Both components must be completed before going for your driver’s license exams!


Book your Risk 1 in English course

We run Risk 1 in English courses in a number of cities around Sweden. Hit the link below to book your spot at our next course!

Risk 1 English Stockholm

Risk 1 English Gävle

Risk 1 English Göteborg

Risk 1 English Uppsala