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The ‘Mitt Körkort’ app is your Swedish driver’s license buddy – available in English!


The “Mitt körkort” app

The use of apps in education has become a standard for the average student. Apps can be powerful study aids, providing up-to-date content in modern and creative ways.

However, many driving theory apps for driving are created by individuals or companies that may not have any authorisation in traffic education.

That’s how ‘Mitt Körkort’ was born. Created by My Driving Academy, Mitt Körkort offers a comprehensive theory package for those learning to drive in Sweden. There’s also a smooth way to manage lesson and course bookings at any My Driving Academy school in Sweden.

In the ‘Theory’ section, English-speaking students can drill over 1000 theory questions in a test-like format to help prepare you for your theory exam at Trafikverket. You can also enjoy educational videos and quizzes, as well as chat to your instructor or the support team if you get stuck!

Once you Master 900 questions, you have a 90% chance of passing your theory exam first try!

The Mitt Körkort app is free to download and use to manage your bookings with My Driving Academy or chat to your teacher and the support. The Theory package comes with a one time cost of 1800 kr, which gives you unlimited use, forever!


Study driving theory anywhere, anytime!

In the ‘Theory’ section of Mitt Körkort, you can drill over 1000 theory questions in a test-like format to help prepare you for your theory exam. Questions are quality assured by our licensed driving instructors and specially designed to mimic the scope, time and approval requirements of the real theory exam at Trafikverket.

The ‘Study’ portal gives you access to a full range of driving knowledge, split up into fun and interactive chapters. Enjoy learning through quizzes, games and exercises anywhere, anytime. This section (‘Study’) is currently only available in Swedish.

Unlimited access to theory for 1800 kr!

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