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How to get your Swedish driver’s license.

Step by step.

Follow these 12 steps to successfully get your Swedish driver’s license! Our method, together with our app, ensures your journey will be an easier and cheaper one!

Step 1 – Get your driver’s permit

Before you get behind a wheel, you must have a ‘körkortstillstånd’- aka a driver’s permit. You cannot start practicing driving either privately or with a driving school until you have your körkortstillstånd!

This is how you get it:

  1. Submit an application from Transportstyrelsen
  2. Complete an eye test at an optician

The processing time at Transportstyrelsen can vary – sometimes it can take a couple of weeks.

NOTE: You can take the Intro-/Handledarkurs (compulsory course for private driving) without a permit.

Step 2 – Intro course.

If you want to practice driving at home

If you want to be able to practice driving privately, you first must attend a Handledarkurs (Intro course). This is also the only course your chosen supervisor (partner, colleague, parent, etc) must attend. The course covers basic knowledge, useful tips and helps set up a structured approach to private training. The course is compulsory. 

The course is taken in groups of up to 30 people and is around 3 hours, plus breaks and registration time.  We run the Handledarkurs in both Swedish and English and we boast some of the best facilities in town!!

Step 3 – Practice driving at home, if possible

The biggest factor that will affect how much money a student spends on their Swedish driver’s license is the amount of hours a student needs to master driving. Whilst everyone has different abilities and experience, generally the more hours a student practices privately at home, the fewer driving lessons they will need at a driving school.

The best alternative would be if you can combine both private training at home with your handledare (supervisor) and lessons with a professional driving instructor at a driving school.

Aside from getting additional tips and information, your teacher can also give you tips and guidance on what you should be focusing on more when driving at home.

All in all, this combination tends to be the most cost effective way to get your driver’s license in Sweden!

Step 4 – Take professional driving lessons with us!

Compliment your private practice with driving lessons at My Driving Academy. All of our instructors are experienced and trained to teach driving at all levels of experience and stages of your journey.  In addition, we encourage all students to rate our teachers at RECO (see all our RECOs here!) so you can be confident you will choose one of the best teachers in the industry! 

Our lessons are 80 mins long, allowing students to learn more effectively and without stress. We also in many of our locations offer a pickup/drop-off service around each of our driving areas PLUS that alot of our teachers offer lessons during the day, after 17:00 and on weekends. It’s never been easier to learn to drive!

Step 5 – Study theory directly from your mobile!

Don’t. Forget. Your. Theory.

As you begin driving, you should study your theoretical knowledge in parallel.  

Our app – ‘Mitt Körkort’ – is jam-packed with all the theory you need, including helpful links and videos we think you should consider, too. For a one time in-app payment, you get access to over 1000 theory questions in English, structured in the same way as the theory exam.  

All questions have 4 multiple choice answers, with explanations for each answer. When you have answered a question correctly once, it is marked as “learned”. When you have answered a question correctly twice in a row, it is marked as “Mastered”. 

Students who have “Mastered” more than 900 of the questions, have a 90% pass rate for their exam!

You also get access to our ‘Study’ portal, which breaks up Theory into chapters to learn, however this is currently only available in Swedish.

This theory-package costs 1800 SEK for unlimited use – forever!

Step 6 – The Risk 1 course. Compulsory for all drivers

As the name suggests, The Risk 1 course covers the many risks in traffic, including your own behaviour as a driver. One of the main reasons the Risk Education exists today is because of Government incentive ‘Nollvisionen’ – meaning ‘Zero Vision’. Set up in 1997, the vision is that zero people should die or be seriously injured in traffic accidents. The vision puts a lot of pressure on road infrastructure, road rules and, above all, drivers.

Risk 1 is the compulsory theoretical component of the Risk Education. It covers the risks of alcohol, drugs, driver fatigue and other issues that can impair your driving abilities. We host Risk 1 in English in many cities in Sweden.

Step 7 – Risk 2 – The slipway. Also compulsory.

Risk 2, or ‘The slip way’, is the practical part your compulsory Risk Education.

It aims to give you first-hand experience at attempting to control a vehicle in difficult and really slippery conditions. It’s useful and a lot of fun! My Driving Academy collaborates with the best company in the industry who specialise in the slippery track.

You should take Risk 2 when you are feeling quite confident in your driving – about two-thirds of your way through. Talk with your instructor and when you both feel you are ready, we can take care of the Risk 2 booking for you! You can take it in English!

Step 8 – Take a pre-exam assessment

A practice driving exam – almost like the real thing!

A practice exam (Prova-på-uppkörning) involves a second, specially trained, instructor who will act as an examiner and go through the manoeuvres that usually appear on the driving exam. You will get a good idea of how the driving exam feels, as well as judge whether or not you are ready for the real thing.

All students who drive with us will need to do a pre-exam assessment before taking their final driving test through us. Upon your instructor’s approval, you can go ahead and book your real driving exam together. 

Step 9 – You’re ready to book your exams!

You made it! After endless hours of training and studying, you are ready to take your real exams!

The exams are the theory exam (kunskapsprovet) and the driving exam (förarprovet). They are booked at the same time. If you do NOT wish to take your driving exam with My Driving Academy, you can book a private exam (privat prov) yourself via Trafikverkets website. 

If you drive with us, we will book this for you as a ‘Driving school’ test. The advantage of doing this is we have many more exam times to choose from, and you will be able to use the same car you’ve been training with in the exam. This booking is made through your instructor and is the same cost as two driving lessons together (you can use any left over lessons on your account!)

Step 10 – The theory exam

The theory exam is done on a computer at Trafikverket.

The exam is made up of 70 multiple-choice questions. Only one answer is correct. You have 50 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. You will pass if you answer at least 52 questions correctly. 

Use our app ‘Mitt Körkort’, to familiarise yourself with this exam structure. Remember, if you have “Mastered” more than 900 of the 1000 questions in ‘Mitt Körkort’, then you will have a 90% pass-rate!

Once you have passed your theory exam, you have 4 months to pass your driving exam, in order to get your license!

Step 11 – Pass the driving test and the license is yours!

Once you have passed the Theory exam, your driving exam is your final step! 

You will take your exam at a Trafikverket’s premises with one of their examiners. 

Normally, the exam will start with a safety check of the car.  The driving usually takes around 30-40 minutes and you will be expected to follow the instructions of your examiner, showcasing your command of different driving manoeuvres. 

Afterward, your examiner will immediately notify you of whether or not you passed the driving exam. If you pass, and you have passed theory too, you can immediately put yourself in a car as a licensed driver!! WELL DONE!!!!!!

Step 12 – Your trial period as a new driver

Having got your Swedish driver’s license, you are considered a safe and knowledgable driver.

However, keep in mind that you are in a trial period for first 2 years of driving with a license! This means that Transportstyrelsen will be harder on you for any traffic offences and, if you lose your license during this time, you will need to go for your driver’s license all over again.