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Risk 2 – Halkbana

Risk 2, also known as ‘the slippery road’ or ‘Halkbana’, is the second part of the mandatory 2-part risk training you must complete before doing your exams for a Swedish driver’s license. Risk 2 is the practical (and more fun!) part.

It’s really important to ensure you feel comfortable enough driving a car to complete a Risk 2 education. You can always discuss with your driving instructor to make sure you’re ready to take part in a Risk 2 in English course.


What is Risk 2 in English?

Risk 2 in English (or ‘Halkbana’) is a mandatory part of your Risk education that you must pass in order to get a Swedish driver’s license. The purpose of doing the Risk 2 training is to learn how to best deal with serious and dangerous situations on the road, including when you lose control of your car.

In Scandinavia, road surfaces can often become slippery during the winter and it is highly likely that you will experience a car skidding on the road at some point. At that moment, it’s important that you know how to handle it.

Doing your education with My Driving Academy, your driving instructor will let you know when you are ready to take your Risk 2 education. You can easily book directly in the ‘Mitt Körkort‘ app or on the website. In order to successfully pass Risk 2 in English, you need to be comfortable driving a car and have an understanding of behaviour, road surfaces and how the car works. You will learn this more as you studying your driving theory. Don’t forget you have access to all the theory training you need in our driving app ‘Mitt Körkort’.


Risk 2 is compulsory for all drivers

Risk two is a mandatory course that you must pass before you can attempt your driving exams with the Swedish Transport Administration (Traffikverket). If you’re a driving student of My Driving Academy, we will make sure you are ready and excited to take the course!


Frequently asked questions about the slippery road

Is it dangerous, scary, fun or difficult? It’s totally normal to have a lot of questions flying around your head leading up to the Risk 2 course.  Perhaps you’ve even heard rumours about what the slippery road is like? Don’t panic, friend. Skipping on the road is completely safe and controlled and is done together with specially approved trainers.

The Risk 2 in English course takes approximately 3 – 4 hours.


Do I need to have a driver’s license permit (körkortstillstånd)?

No, you do not need a körkortstillstånd (driver’s permit) in order to do Risk 2. You also don’t need to have passed Risk 1 before doing Risk 2 – you can complete these in any order, although we do recommend you do Risk 1 before Risk 2.


Can I do Risk 2 with a friend?

Risk 2 is usually run in small groups. If you and your friend book the same Risk 2 course, and write a note that you’d like to be together in your booking, you should be fine!


Can I do Risk 2 with my car or a regular car?

No, you cannot do Risk 2 with your regular car. However, depending on the city you’re driving in, you may be allowed to use your driving school’s car. Otherwise, specialist cars are provided at the Risk 2 facility.

How long is Risk 2 valid for?

If you pass your Risk 2 in English education, it is valid for a full 5 years. In other words, you have plenty of time to pass both of your exam afterwards. You don’t need to do Risk 2 again after getting your driver’s license.

How much does a Risk 2 in English course cost?

Costs for Risk 2 in English vary slightly, depending on which city you’re doing the course in. All prices can be found on our booking widget, otherwise on each city’s webpage or in the app ‘Mitt Körkort‘.

Do I need to bring anything to my Risk 2 in English course?

You must bring your ID – either your Swedish ID card or a passport. If you haven’t already paid for your course, you will need to bring your card or phone to pay for the course.


Is there only manual cars at Risk 2?

No, you can do Risk 2 in English with both automatic and manual cars. You often need to notify in advance if you want to drive an automatic car.


Preparations for Risk 2 in English

The best way to prepare for the slippery road is to practice your driving a lot. When you book for your Risk 2 course, you must be confident that you are comfortable enough driving. You must also ensure that you have studied the theory components related to braking distances. If you are a student of My Driving Academy, we help you make this assessment.

Some people feel nervous about Risk 2 in English, but there’s no need. The course is very clear and structured and, so long as you listen and follow the instructions, you will be fabulous! It’s also important to remember that sliding on a road is not to try and pressure you to drive perfectly! Actually the purpose is to give you an opportunity to feel what it’s like to lose control of the car in these conditions and how best to get the car to stop safely. See it more as a preparation and a test of potential future situations.

If you follow the instructions you will be fine!


Risk two – part of the risk education

Risk two is one of the two parts of the risk education. In addition to that, you also need to do Risk 1 in English. Risk 1 is the theoretical part of the risk training. In Risk 1 you will learn about:

Risks and consequences
Impact on the body
Rules for drunk driving
Rules for fatigue
What factors can affect you whilst driving (phones, other passengers)

The full Risk Education is all about you becoming as safe and secure a driver as possible. In Sweden, we strive towards something called Nollvisionen or ‘Vision Zero’. Vision Zero is an effort to ensure that no one is killed or seriously injured in traffic. Since Vision Zero was implemented in 1997, Sweden has experiences its’ lowest road fatalities.


Get started with Risk 2!

We work closely with selected facilities that offer Risk 2 to our students across Sweden. We’ve made booking Risk 2 nice and easy and you can book your course via our booking widget or our app ‘Mitt Körkort‘. If you’re stuck, chat to our customer support using the Chat in the bottom right corner of this webpage!