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Get your Motorcycle license

in Stockholm!

Riding a motorbike on an open road during the summer – there really is nothing like it!
Turn your motorcycle license dream into a reality by getting your motorcycle license in Stockholm. We have two schools, one in Enskededalen and one near Arlanda.

**SUPER IMPORTANT! Right now, the Swedish Transport Authority does not offer Risk courses or exams for Motorcycle in English! So, while you can learn in English with us, you will have to do your exams and risk courses in Swedish! We hope this changes in the future!**

Book at one of our motorcycle schools in Stockholm

Your MC Starter kit

Everything you need to get started – no hidden costs!

  • Digital MC theory in Swedish (write to us to activate!)
  • 5 x private 80min lessons with one of our MC instructors
  • Protective clothing and helmet every time you ride
  • Fee for practice area included
  • 160min escort and bike loan during your exam

All included
for 10 400 kr!

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How the motorcycle license (MC körkort) works in Stockholm


Step 1 – Körkortstillstånd

You will need a valid körkortstillstånd (grupp 1) to learn to drive a motorcycle and take your exams. It’s the same körkortstillstånd that you need for your car license and it is valid for 5 years.


Step 2 – Study theory

You will need to pass a theory exam as part of your MC license. Your knowledge must cover all car-related theory plusadditional knowledge about motorcycles. You will use the app Körkort Nu to cover all the knowledge needed, which is only in Swedish! 

Write to us to activate this item of your MC Startkit.


Step 3 – Let’s ride

Practice riding 1-on-1 with our fabulous MC instructors. We will start you off with 5 lessons, which should be enough for many students. If you need additional MC lessons after this time, these can be purchased for an additional cost.

Don’t forget to also book Manöverbana sessions, to practice on a specialised track without any traffic.


Step 4 – Risk 1 & Risk 2

Just like car licenses, you will be required to complete a Risk 1 theoretical course and a Risk 2 practical course before your MC exams. These are mandatory and are hosted at Gillinge trafikövningsplats. These are currently only offered in Swedish!!!


Step 5 – Nail your exams!

First, you will be required to pass your theory exam, which covers both car and motorcycle related knowledge. Once passed, you have 12 months to pass your motorcycle riding exam. Your riding exam will cover low speed manoeuvres, high speed driving and braking. You will use our motorbike for this, and your instructor will accompany you to the exam. Exams are only offered in Swedish!!


Step 6 – Clear your calendar!

Because you’ll be zooming around the country roads on your cool motorcycle as a fully-licensed rider! Congrats on getting your motorcycle license!

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Book and pay online – smoothly with Klarna!

We work with Klarna to make your bookings with us safe and easy. You can choose to pay with card, invoices or in monthly installments. Use our website or our free app ‘Mitt Körkort‘ to book now!

Our bikes at our motorcycle schools in Stockholm

We use Yamaha MT -07 motorcycles for the A and A2 licenses.

For the moment we do not offer A1

MC körkort göteborg - My Driving Academy

Not sure!? Try it!

We get it – sometimes the idea of riding a motorbike can feel better than the reality. But how will you know unless you try!?

See how you feel on a bike by having an 80min single lesson on a motorbike with our instructor. If you get hooked, you can go ahead and get a MC Starter kit!

Try MC!

80min single lesson for 1 590 kr!

(Includes safety gear, helmet, etc)

Prices – Motorcycle license Stockholm schools


10400kr /st
  • Digital MC teori (only in Swedish)
  • 5 x 80 minute private lessons with an instructor
  • Protective clothing and helmet every time you ride
  • 160min escort and bike loan during your exam

Singel lektion

1590kr /80 min
  • For additional or trial lessons
  • 80mins
  • Helmet, safety equipment included.


1590kr /80 min
  • Train on specialised high-speed and low-speed tracks plus braking up to 90km / h without any traffic.
  • Safety equipment, helmet, track fee are included.

Risk 1 MC

890kr /pers
  • Only available in Swedish!
  • Mandatory course on risk
  • Course is held at Gillinge trafikövningsplats

Risk 2 MC

2770kr /pers
  • Only available in Swedish!
  • Mandatory course on slippery roads
  • Course held at Gillinge trafikövningsplats

Our motorcycle teachers in Stockholm

Andreas utbildar våra MC elever! Han har undervisat i körning under en lång tid och älskar att se sina elever nå sina mål.
Språk: svenska och english
Träffa Jim! Han är en av våra roliga och fantastiska MC lärare på My Driving Academy Enskededalen.
Språk: svenska
Det har är Calle! Han är vår fantastisk MC lärare på My Driving Academy Trosta Park, inklusiv av manöverbanan.
Språk: svenska och English

Book at one of our motorcycle schools in Stockholm!

Begin your journey to freedom!

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