Sustainability at My Driving Academy - in English

Getting your driver’s license doesn’t have to cost the earth!


We only have one amazing planet!

It’s important to us (and our students) that we conduct a sustainable business, with our climate at the forefront.

So, here’s how we do it!

Climate-conscious cars

About 80% of lessons are in manual cars (cars with gears!) so we ensure all our vehicles are compact in size (Mini) and meet the strictest EU7 emissions standards.

If you’re driving an automatic car, you might be lucky enough to drive in one of our swanky electric cars! (fun fact: electric cars only have automatic transmissions!)

Image of My Driving Academy cars
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Not just climate neutral – we’re climate positive!

Every meter our cars drive, we compensate for through real initiatives at

But why stop there?!

We’ve decided to donate extra funds to our compensation project, increasing it every year we are driving! For example, in the year 2022, we will donate an extra 22% compensation to the project, an extra 23% in the year 2023, 24% in 2024 etc. It’s an extra push for us to always find the cleanest ways to work.

Our chosen climate compensation venture is a fantastic tree planting project in Panama called Tropical Mix. Read more about this great project, and Klimatkompensera here!

Paperless is best

Our Theory education and training modules are presented in our app, Mitt Körkort, to completely erase our use of paper!

My Driving Academy - Mitt Körkort app image of teori app mitt körkort
My Driving Academy trafikskola I Stockholm

Join the movement!

There’s a great deal you can do as a driver to minimise the impact of CO2 emissions, from how you wash your car to how you behave in traffic.

My Driving Academy is dedicated to creating climate-conscious drivers, so go ahead and ask us more about sustainability via our website chat, our app ‘Mitt Körkort’ or during your next lesson!

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