Intensive driving course - My Driving Academy - get your driver's license in English!

Intensive courses for driving

Get your license the fastest way possible!

We organise everything from your drivings lessons and risk courses, all the way up to your theory and driving exams – so your road to a successful driver’s license can be as short as a few weeks!

How does an intensive driving course work?

We essentially start with booking your exams (theory and driving) with Trafikverket and work backwards.

We optimise the scheduling of your prova-på-uppkörning, risk courses and lessons to best suit your level of skill, time allowance and how intensively you’re prepared to drive.

It’s a totally tailor-made education!

My Driving Academy - intensivutbildning
My Driving Academy Umeå - image of Mitt Körkort app

How do you do an intensive driving course?

It’s important to book ahead when looking to do an intensive education.

As soon as you’re even thinking about going for your driver’s license, you should do the following:

1. Tell our customer support that you want to learn intensively. 

They will help you with your initial booking, based on your needs.

2. Book your driving lesson package, based on the advice of support.

This will allow us to book your exams with Trafikverket has fast as possible.

Note: Trafikverket often has waiting times of 1-3 months.

3. Start learning theory already now.

Use can use our app ‘Mitt Körkort’ where you can find over 1000 theory questions in English, organised in a way that mimics the real theory exam at Trafikverket.

What is involved in an intensive driving course?


Before your intensive training
  • A testlesson (highly recommended)


Intensive training
  • 22 driving lessons (can be less, depending on any previous driving experience)
  • Risk 1 course (mandatory)
  • Risk 2 course (mandatory)
  • Prova på Uppkörning (practice exam. One lesson x 80mins)
  • Warm up and loan of our car during your driving exam ( 2 lessons x 160mins)
  • Two-part theory package – using our app “Mitt Körkort

*Don’t stress! If you don’t feel ready by the time of your exams, we can help re-book them and add additional lessons to your education!

Where can I do an intensive driving course?

We offer intensive learning at all of our seven driving locations!

Simply talk to our support team about learning intensively wherever you intend to drive.