Covid-19 and My Driving Academy - our safety protocol in English

COVID-19 and My Driving Academy

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we have set a new standard in the way we conduct our driving lessons and courses at My Driving Academy.

As guided by the World Health Organisation, here’s what you can now expect from our services!

Quick facts about Covid-19:

Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by the most recent coronavirus.

Most of those infected with Covid-19 will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness.  Older people, and those with certain underlying medical problems, can develop serious illness.

The best way to slow down transmission is by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer frequently – and restraining from touching your face.

Find more info at the World Health Organisation website.

image of a virus
Image of My Driving Academy cars
image of covid19 sticker in cars

Driving Lessons

The ‘new normal’ in our Mini-Coopers


•  All driving students will be required to wear a mask during their driving lesson. You may bring your own mask, however we provide disposable masks that you are welcome to use. Your teacher will also wear a mask throughout your lesson.

•  All students should wear gloves during their driving lessons. You may bring your own gloves, however we also provide single-use gloves that students are welcome to use.

•  Key surfaces of the car are cleaned between lessons – including the steering wheel, seat belt, gear stick and door handles.

•  Every car has small bottles of hand sanitizer that students should use before and after their lesson.

•  Don’t forget! All of our pickup points have access to a bathroom where you can wash your hands thoroughly before or after your driving lesson.

•  At this current time, we are not allowing private driving supervisors (parents, partners, etc) to join students in the car during lessons.

•  Before your lesson, we kindly ask you to wait outside the school for your teacher, where possible.

If you feel ill before
your lesson

Simply get in touch with our customer service.

We will reschedule your driving lesson for you, without any fuss 🙂

If you feel ill
during your lesson

It is really important to tell your driving instructor if you start to feel ill during your lesson.

We have a procedure in place to help you get home safely.

Courses (Intro, Risk 1)

We are still running our fabulous courses at My Driving Academy.


•  We are complying with current restrictions and having a maximum of 7 students in all our physical courses, and one course leader. We have rearranged the seating so everyone is a safe distance apart – so enjoy the extra leg room!

•  We cannot allow extra guests, including partners, translators or children during the courses at this time.

•  We are now running a digital handledarkurs in English for those who would prefer to do this course online and from home.

•  We may confirm everyone’s contact details before the course, just in case someone becomes ill and we need to notify you.

•  We have plenty of safety supplies at our courses, including tissues and hand sanitizer for everyone.

•  During the course make sure you wash or sanitise your hands regularly, including before the course starts and before you eat.

•  We cannot offer fika during the courses during this time, unfortunately.

•  All our facilities are currently operating under the recommended restrictions of one person per 10 square metres.

image of social distancing
image of hand sanitizer

If you feel unwell on the day of your course

No problem – just get in touch with our customer support and we will reschedule your attendance to another time.

If you feel ill during the course

Don’t be shy! Tell your course leader if you start to feel unwell during a course, so we can implement a safe plan for you.

Our instructors and course leader’s responsibility

Our instructors are obliged to stop working if they show symptoms of Covid-19. They are fully supported if they need time off, so you can breathe easy that your instructor is under no pressure to work if they have symptoms.


Our promise

We are prepared to make any necessary changes quickly as this pandemic develops. Any changes to your education will be communicated with you directly – so save our number in your phone so you don’t miss our calls.

If you have any questions about our protocol during the current Covid-19 pandemic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support staff by using the chat bubble, emailing us at or calling us on 010-20 70 775!