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Driving school Enköping

Learn to drive in Enköping – in English!

We are a driving school in Enköping where you can do more at home and less with us, which means you can get your Swedish driver’s license fast and smoothly!

You can find our Enköping driving school at the Hotel Park Astoria on Kyrkogatan 7 – come and say ‘hi!’

Get started with a testlesson
– 80 min for only 799 kr!

A testlesson is a discounted driving lesson with a professional instructor. It’s an opportunity to plan your entire education with your instructor, after they have assessed your level of experience.

It’s the best way to start your driver’s license in Enköping, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver.

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My Driving Academy teori

Theory books? Naah…
All you need online!

Don’t carry around thick theory books!

We’ve created a driving license app where you can study all the driving theory you need on your computer or on your on mobile. Drill theory whilst taking the bus or in-between your classes!

Book your lessons and courses online – pay safely with Klarna!

Create your own driving license package by choosing freely from our different services offered in Enköping.

Select a time and teacher who best suits your needs directly in our app. When checking out, choose how you would like to pay with Klarna, including paying in installments!

Save money and drive like a professional at home

If you are practicing driving at home with your parent, partner, friend, we have created a digital checklist to make sure you cover everything you need to learn!

It’s available in our app ‘Mitt Körkort’ – which has everything in English too!

The best part? It’s totally free!

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Get started easily!
Book your first lesson
for only 799 kr

Find a time that suits you, with a teacher who speaks English!

As smooth as possible.

Driving privately?
Do your handledarkurs
with us!

We offer Handledarkurs in English in Stockholm.

You can also bring a translator to a course!

What our customers say about us

Prices – Enköping driving school


799kr /lesson
  • Your first lesson
  • 80 min


1099kr /lesson
  • A practice driving exam
  • The best way to prep for the real thing!

Risk 1 Svenska

699kr /person
  • Compulsory course for all drivers

Risk 2 på svenska

1900kr /person
  • Course held at Salabanan

Intro-/Handledarkurs Svenska

450kr /person
  • Compulsory course for both drivers and their supervisors

Our driving instructor in Enköping

Daniel Andersson Education leader, Course leader and driving instructor - manual.
Daniel is our fantastic teacher in Enköping! He teaches driving in a manual car and is comfortable teaching in English. He's very experienced with both beginners, or those who need to brush up on their skills!
Languages: English & Swedish

Find our driving school in Enköping

Driving lessons

My Driving Academy Enköping
Kyrkogatan 7, Hotel Park Astoria, 745 31 Enköping

Your teacher will meet you at the Hotel Park Astorias entrance. If you work, go to school or live nearby and would like to start or finish your lesson at an alternative location, this can easily be arranged! Simply let our support staff know after booking your lesson.


Courses & Theory

Kyrkogatan 7, Hotel Park Astoria, 745 31 Enköping

Begin your journey towards freedom!

Download our app ‘Mitt Körkort’ (iOS or Android) and get started!